Sure, Easter eggs are fun, but wouldn’t you rather have delicious lime tartlets or Baked Alaska cupcakes?

Lime Tartlets with Orange Blossom Cream and Toasted Fennel
Erin Kunkel

After you’ve found (most of) the Easter eggs and all of the baskets have been handed out, the best part of Easter is here: sweets time. Whether you’re a peanut-butter-and-chocolate type of person, or can’t get enough sour candy, there’s no shortage of options buried in the handfuls of faux green grass that will inevitably make their way into your home.

Some of us look forward to this holiday because of that candy. Others may be more inclined toward the seasonal dishes that await us on a springtime spread: rhubarb pies, buttermilk cake topped with fresh fruit, creatively decorated Easter egg cookies, and—of course, carrot cake. (But ours is also made with spiced apple.)

If you’re like us, you’re not only excited to get your hands on these delectable desserts, but you’re excited to try a few new recipes this year, too. So, we gathered up a few recipes for that precise purpose. Try your hand at crostatas (they’re sort of like miniature pies), lime tartlets, or carrot cake with goat cheese frosting. We’ve also got baked Alaska cupcakes, granola crisp, and sugared rose petals to top, well, any type of cake. We’re focusing on springtime ingredients that are just coming into season, and dishes that work for any size group.

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For springtime inspiration and more, check out some of our favorite Easter dessert recipes below. And, if you’re looking for decoration inspiration, vegetarian holiday meal options, easy DIYs, or just ideas for a full brunch menu, we’ve got that, too.

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