Go ahead, be a little extra with your Easter decorations this year. Here are a few of our favorite projects for kids and grown-ups.

5 Easter DIYs to Try

There’s no reason that kids should have all the fun at Easter. All the stale Peeps, sure, they can have those, but decorating things for the holiday is fun and you can partake, too, with sophisticated versions of the coloring projects we all remember from childhood. We’re going to show you a few new decorating techniques that are levels above those neon dye kits. 

First of all, you could try painting your eggs. Brushed-on paint makes for bolder, more saturated hues, and expands your color palette beyond the typical pastels. Bonus: Paint stands up to the dark canvas that is a brown egg much better than water-soluble dyes. And if you use edible paint, the eggs will still be good to eat.

One other non-traditional technique involves decorating eggs with pressed flowers, either store-bought or, better yet, right out of your garden. We’ll show you how to make them adhere to the shell in a way that almost makes them look painted on.

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Of course, Easter isn’t all about eggs. Make sure your Easter dinner place settings are on point with a tutorial on how to decorate your dining table to make the party feel truly spring-like. And while you’re at it, try a unique way of marking everyone’s place at the table: Make each guest a personalized mini succulent basket—it’s easy.

Finally, indulge in a treat that adults and kids alike will love. More soulful than candy are these mini cakes, which you can hand-make for guests and decorate any way you see fit. They make a sweet ending to this sugary but creative spring holiday.

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