A delicious, make-ahead feast for Easter, or even a lazy Sunday with friends.

Beautiful Make-Ahead Easter Brunch
Photo by Annabelle Breakey

Planning any holiday meal can be stressful, but a little advance planning can really help. Deciding what to make can be half the battle, and so we’ve provided a full menu here. Don’t worry; we’ve provided the recipes, too! 

A three-course meal with sides and cocktails might sound like a crushing amount of work to take on, but many of these dishes can largely be prepared in advance. Rolls and quiche can be baked the day before, and even though the meat does take time to cook, it takes minimal supervision, freeing you up to prepare for your guests the morning of the feast.

Stress is about the only traditional element missing from this menu. Ham, that Easter standby, anchors the meal—although a spicy lemon glaze gives the dish a contemporary spin. Hot cross buns and spring greens are in there, too. Other elements, like asparagus quiche and citrus salad aren’t canon, but are perfect for a meal marking the boundary of late winter and early spring. 

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As important as the food is at a party, presentation is key, too. We’ve got some advice about how to personalize each place setting, and how to present a centerpiece as beautiful as the dishes. (Click here for more ideas about how to set the perfect Easter table.)

Of course, you can modify this suggested menu any way you please. (Just for starters, you may want to consult this roundup of vegetarian Easter recipes, because ham is in no way mandatory.) Whether you follow this menu to a T or not, we wish you a very happy Easter!

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