How to grill a chocolate cake. Yes.

Cooking Hack: Dutch Oven Chocolate Cake Meets the Grill
Dutch Oven Double Chocolate Cake. Photo by Thomas J. Story
It was a puzzler. For our big Celebration Weekend bash this coming weekend, I knew I wanted to show you how to make Dutch Oven Double Chocolate Cake, the rich, totally delicious dessert we served at Camp Sunset. The only hitch: The recipe is designed for a campground fire pit, which isn’t available for the demo. In a flash of inspiration, I figured out how to cook the dutch oven cake on a charcoal grill. In my little world of outdoor cooking geekiness, this cooking hack is huge.
Use two firegrates instead of just one to use a camp dutch oven on a charcoal grill. Photo by Elaine Johnson
The secret is to use two firegrates (the metal grate that sits at the bottom of a charcoal grill to hold the fuel) instead of the usual one, and to criss-cross them to create a more solid base for the camp dutch oven’s little feet. This way, the feet will still sit on top of the circle of coals just as they do in a fire pit.
A camp dutch oven has little feet that hold it above the coals (here, seen in a campground fire pit). Photo by Thomas J. Story
Already I’m thinking about the big implications of this dutch oven/grilling hack for my backyard meals. Next up: Dutch oven cinnamon rolls? For more on dutch oven techniques, see our primer on how to cook in a dutch oven and our video on how to make the dutch oven chocolate cake.