This jewel-toned fruit of fall bursts with sweet-tart flavor that enlivens salads and more.

The seeds of a pomegranate, winter recipe staples, make a super simple ingredient to add to any dish for crunch and pops of flavor. Similarly, the juice that can be extracted from these tiny seeds offers a natural balance between sweet and tart that can be reduced into sauces or syrups. 

On a cold day, add pomegranate juice to a slow cooker with red wine, cinnamon sticks, and honey for a mulled wine punch that will keep you warm from the inside out. Another way to take advantage of what’s left in a bottle of fresh pom juice is to reduce it into pomegranate molasses. The thick syrup comes together like any other juice-based molasses, simply boil it until it begins to thicken and then chill (it will thicken more over time). The juice from pomegranates has such high natural sugar content that it will thicken up without the need for added ingredients, though if you want it to be sweeter (for adding to cocktails or in desserts) you can add sweetener to taste. 

Use the molasses in savory dishes, like our recipe for pomegranate-glazed pork skewers or in a dressing over a halloumi and arugula salad.

Whether you’re looking to use pomegranate seeds, syrup, or juice we’ve got all of the recipes to use the fall fruit below. 

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