From hearty kale soup to citrusy chicken, these recipes will start your year on a delicious and inspiring note that will keep you cooking all year long.

The Recipes You Should Be Cooking This January
Caitlin Bensel

The year is anew and while I cook dinner for myself multiple times a week, I still set resolutions to eat at home more, as well as to eat healthier and cut back on certain items I tend to overindulge in. This year, I’m trying to curb my coffee cravings and start meal prepping breakfast and lunch to ensure I actually get in three full meals a day. Whether your resolutions are to spend more time in the kitchen, eat out less, or host top-tier dinner parties, we’ve got all of the recipes to help you make the most of each meal this month. 

All throughout January, take advantage of seasonal produce like asparagus, celery, kale, mustard greens, and beets—as well as juicy and vibrant citrus fruits like grapefruits, navel oranges, tangerines, and blood oranges. Hand-squeeze fresh blood oranges to make a sorbet with bittersweet chocolate chunks mixed in, or go the savory route with our recipe for blood orange lemongrass chicken

Expand your celery repertoire by using the root in a soup combined with chestnuts and cream, and the stalks in a sauce to serve atop grilled halibut filets. For dessert, citrus can take center stage in sweets like an orange ribbon cheesecake or delicately play its part with a slice of tangerine olive oil cake. Whichever you choose, the bright flavors will help you forget how early the sun is setting these days. 

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As you stick to your resolutions and enjoy the fresh start that comes with a new year, keep these recipes on hand for easy and delicious dishes to keep the good times going.

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