Support independent artists across the West by checking out these Etsy stores with wreaths, trees, even gnomes for your holiday season decor collection.

gold and silver wooden trees with carved snowflakes

And just like that, it’s time to start preparing for the holiday season. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or the holiday season in general, now is the time to start establishing family plans, getting gifts, and—one of the more time-consuming tasks—planning your decorations. For some, preparing to decorate means hauling out tubs of garland and ornaments collected from over the years. For others, it means it’s time to go shopping.

For those of us on that path, consider buying from small businesses and local makers who offer unique decor with artistry and care. There are hundreds of Etsy shops selling beautiful handmade decorations to add to your holiday collection, and many of them are based right here in the West. In addition to providing wonderfully crafted pieces, Etsy shops are also a great way to support small independent artists in your community and across the country. Whether you need pure decorations or a few decorative items with a bit of utility, these artists bring their own style into their holiday season and yours.

From tasteful napkin holders to a felt peppermint garland and wreaths made from real pine trees, these stores offer all kinds of items to add a bit of homemade beauty to your holiday season.

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Keep scrolling for a list of Etsy shops crafting decorations and holiday wares in the West.

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3-D Snowflake Standing Trees by LittleYellowLeafShop

gold and silver wooden trees with carved snowflakes

Courtesy of LittleYellowLeafShop on Etsy

These trees are skillfully carved with intricate designs, combining the holiday classics of the Christmas tree and the snowflake into one beautiful decoration. Offered in various dimensions, each one separates into two flat pieces for easy storage.

3D Snowflake Standing Trees, $10

Christmas Table Centerpiece by FosteringJoy

faux holly sprigs berries and spiral metal centerpiece

Courtesy of FosteringJoy on Etsy

The holidays mean big family dinners which, of course, require big decorated tables to gather around. This faux holly centerpiece brings the beauty of nature and classic Christmas decor to your table.

Christmas Table Centerpiece, $92.99

Reindeer Throw Pillow Cover by UniikPillows

pillow cover with four reindeer with bows berries and ornaments

Courtesy of UniikPillows on Etsy

Wouldn’t it be nice if holiday decorating only included throwing a new cover over what you already have? Well, this adorable pillow cover lets you get one step closer to that reality.

Decked out Christmas Reindeer Throw Pillow Cover, $29.00

Shabby Chic Mistletoe by TheLonelyHeartCo

faux mistletoe sprig with worded ribben

Courtesy of TheLonelyHeartCo on Etsy

Bring a little bit of tradition into your holiday decorations with this artificial sprig of mistletoe, perfect as a stocking stuffer or a small decoration in a bare spot where nothing else will quite fit.

Shabby Chic Mistletoe, $29.99

Fabric Christmas Trees by WhoGiftsACraft

various colors patterns and sizes of fabric trees

Courtesy of WhoGiftsACraft

These trees come in sets of three, and a variety of colors and patterns. The adorable fabric trees will never be the most attention-drawing but can help round out a set of table decorations.

Set of 3 Fabric Christmas Trees, $24.00

Poinsettia Christmas Dish by IleneJillBarnett

red and white glass plate with green and white flower in center

Courtesy of IleneJillBarnett on Etsy

Made from bullseye glass and tastefully hand-decorated, this 6-inch square dish can serve as a trinket plate in the entryway but also would be ideal as a small serving plate at holiday dinners.

Six-inch Poinsettia Christmas Dish, $38.50

Christmas Pillow Cover by ourTraditions

pillow cover with two green trees and one plaid tree

Courtesy of ourTraditions on Etsy

The combination of painted trees and patches of plaid gives this cover some artistic flair that sets it apart from your typical Christmas decoration.

Christmas Pillow Cover, $27.99

Neutral Fabric Garland by JuJuBeeGoods

string of gray tan brown and white balls

Courtesy of JuJuBeeGoods on Etsy

Holiday decorations usually come in vibrant colors but sometimes those don’t fit with the color palette of your home. This tasteful garland allows you decorate and yet doesn’t interfere with your carefully curated aesthetic.

Rustic Christmas Decorations, $12

Glitter Garland by BBrightDesign

garland with gold christmas trees and snowflakes

Courtesy of BBrightDesign on Etsy

A string of snowflakes and trees, this garland comes in both silver and gold, with a selection of size and twine options.

Festive Custom Seasonal Decorative Garland, $9.99

Adjustable Solid Wood Christmas Tree by RKSimpledesigns

rotating wooden plank christmas tree

Courtesy of RKSimpledesigns on Etsy

The pain of clearing up needles dropped by your Christmas tree is no more. Available in different colors and stains, the “limbs” of this tree are fully adjustable, meaning after the holidays the piece can be transformed into an interesting year-round wooden art piece.

Adjustable Solid Wood Christmas Tree, $135

Christmas Napkin Holders by RandCsEmporium

wooden tree snowflake wreath and snowman napkin holder

Courtesy of RandCsEmporium on Etsy

A good holiday dinner involves as many holiday-themed items and utensils as possible. These adorable hand-carved napkin holders help fulfill that goal.

Christmas Napkin Holders, $35

Peppermint Garland by LoaLyInc

garland of felt red and white balls and felt peppermints

Courtesy of LoaLyInc on Etsy

Many of the items on this list combine traditional decorations with class and style, but this felt garland goes the classic route. These undeniably cute peppermints bring some childlike joy and classic energy.

Peppermint Garland, $60

Mini Fabric Christmas Trees by AngieandLois

brown tan and white fabric christmas trees

Courtesy of AngieandLois on Etsy

Returning to the rustic tastefulness aesthetic, these fabric trees come in three different heights in neutral colors, allowing them to blend in while simultaneously spreading holiday cheer to small corners and tables.

Mini Christmas Tree, $28

Winter Door Hanger by MichaelMilesCreation

wooden snowflake with script welcome

Courtesy of MichaelMilesCreation on Etsy

The holidays are a season of togetherness and welcoming people into your life. What better way to reflect this than with a beautiful handmade door sign?

Winter Door Hanger, $55

Personalized Christmas Stocking by BigSkyEmbroidery

stockings with cartoon girl and boy elf and santa

Courtesy of BigSkyEmbroidery on Etsy

Perfect for parents in need of stockings for their kids, these stockings are available with an adorable boy or girl elf or a classic Santa. They can also be personalized with a name embroidered across the top.

Personalized Christmas Stocking, $29.90

Napkin Holder by ArcKraftLLC

green holder with tree in ring

Courtesy of ArcKraftLLC on Etsy

Preparing for a holiday party with everything set and decorated, except you have no good place for napkins? Look no further! This Christmas green holder will keep all your napkins together in one place.

Napkin Holder, $29.50

Ceramic Holly Sprigs by HouseofWhisperingFir

trio of ceramic holly leaves and berries

Courtesy of HouseofWhisperingFir on Etsy

Table decorating is an essential part of the holidays, but it can be difficult to not take up too much space. These small but beautiful ceramic holly sprigs combine holiday decor and the feeling of nature without monopolizing table real estate.

Ceramic Holly Sprigs, $15.50

Rustic White Wooden Christmas Tree Signs by RedRoanSigns

three wooden planks wrapped in twine with different white trees painted on

Coutresy of RedRoanSigns on Etsy

This trio of signs is made from real stained wood with an adorable tree painted onto each one. This piece is ideal to set up in the entryway as a welcoming bit of holiday decor.

Rustic White Wooden Christmas Tree Signs, $43.69

Gingerbread House Decor by BackyardDahlia

wooden reindeer gingerbreadman sign santa peppermint rolling pin tag and gingerbreadhouse

Courtesy of BackyardDahlia on Etsy

The gingerbread house set brings to life a holiday favorite without the mess of actually building a gingerbread house. The set is made up of a variety of wooden pieces, including rolling pins, peppermints, and gingerbread men. Pieces can be bought individually or all together.

Gingerbread House Decor, $124

Woodland Christmas Wreath by Wreaths360

wreath with berries and pinecones

Courtesy of Wreaths360 on Etsy

A true holiday classic, this wreath is made from real pinecones, fir sprigs, and holly berries. It comes in different diameters and can include a classic, large, red ribbon bow.

Woodland Christmas Wreath, $66

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Garland by arrowandgold

green white and red plaid christmas trees

Courtesy of arrowandgold on Etsy

There’s nothing quite like curling up on a cold winter evening, decked out in the warmest plaid flannel. Now even your decorations can partake in this tradition. This garland comes in three different colors, all reminiscent of the traditional winter fabric, and brings a real energy of warmth and comfort.

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Garland, $12.75

Ornament Picture Holders by artcrafthome

yellow red and green ornaments with snowflakes

Courtesy of artcrafthome on Etsy

These ceramic ornaments have all the joy and style of classic Christmas tree baubles, but rather than a hook to hang them from, they have a curled wire where you can slide in your favorite pictures or Christmas cards, adding a personal touch and happy memories to your home.

Set of 3 Ornament Picture Holders, $90