Elevate your Hanukkah traditions with these beautiful menorahs, cool candles, high-design dreidels, and gelt that’s almost too pretty to eat.

Puebla Marble Menorah Set
Courtesy of The Citizenry

Everybody wants to show their pride at Hanukkah, but let’s face it: Gelt can be a little waxy, dreidels are for kids (and look it), and if you’ve seen one menorah, you’ve seen them all, right?

It doesn’t have to be like this, though. We’ve rounded up some stellar pieces of Judaica, things that you will gladly display in your own home—or, in the case of gelt, confidently offer to discerning adults. We’ve found finely crafted dreidels that you’ll want to spin for more than eight days, and striking contemporary menorahs that it would be a shame to only bring out once a year. Read on for some of our favorite holiday finds, which would make a beautiful centerpiece for a Hanukkah dinner or welcome addition to a Hanukkah party.

Stylish Seasonal Pieces We Love

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Solid Cast Iron Menorah by Josh Owen

Courtesy of Area Wear

Solid Cast Iron Menorah by Josh Owen, $150 from Area Wear

Vermont Green Marble & Walnut Menorah by JK Adams

Courtesy of Food52

Vermont Green Marble & Walnut Menorah by JK Adams, $105 from Food52

Ascalon Menorah by Brad Ascalon

Design Within Reach

Ascalon Menorah by Brad Ascalon, $275 from Design Within Reach



Black 12″ Taper Hannukah Candles by Creative Candles

Courtesy of Creative Candles

Black Tapers by Creative Candles, $25 from The Jewish Museum


Majestic Giftware Handcrafted Hannukah Candles, 6″

Courtesy of Amazon

Majestic Giftware Handcrafted Hannukah Candles, $21.25 from Amazon


Natural Solid Beeswax Hannukah Candles

Courtesy of The Jewish Museum Shop

Natural Solid Beeswax Hannukah Candles, $18 from the Jewish Museum


Blue Ombre Menorah Candles, set of 45

Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Blue Ombre Menorah Candles, $15 from Crate and Barrel

Dreidels, Gelt, and More

Hand-Dipped Chocolate Dreidel

Courtesy of Lagusta’s Luscious

Hand-Dipped Chocolate Dreidel, $10 from Lagusta’s Luscious


3rd Edition Dreidel by J. L. Lawson & Co.

Courtesy of Huckberry

3rd Edition Dreidel by J. L. Lawson & Co. $48 from Huckberry

Kosher Certified Star Pops

Courtesy of Li-Lac Chocolates

Kosher Star Pops, $4.25 from Li-Lac Chocolates


Nambe Hannukah Geo Dreidel with Stand

Courtesy of Amazon

Nambe Hannukah Geo Dreidel with Stand, $55 from Amazon


Hannukah Chocolate Gelt 

Courtesy of EHChocolatier

Hannukah Chocolate Gelt, $15 from EHChocolatier

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