Add some handmade artistry to your tree and support independent artists with these ornaments from Etsy.

red hoop ornament on mantle

Decorating a Christmas tree is one of the great family traditions: the interminable wait as parents string the lights (and obsessively vacuum fallen needles), the pre-decoration lecture on caution in a vague attempt to go a year without breaking an ornament, and boxes upon boxes filled with old newspaper protecting scores of decorative treasure. As a child, this trove just was—no need to try to figure out where they came from.

But part of the fun of tree decorating starts with buying and collecting ornaments from all over. While part of your collection might be dedicated to classic Christmas ornaments, every tree needs a few unique ornaments that stand out from the rest. While most people would fill the role of unique ornaments with family pieces—ornaments that have been passed down through the last generation or two—that’s not the only option.

Etsy, the site with handmade decorations and pieces for every niche interest, of course, has all kinds of ornaments, from Southwest-inspired designs to felt creations and plenty of macrame. Etsy is a great place to find one-of-a-kind ornaments that you won’t see on every other tree. Many of these ornaments are also handmade, giving them a personal touch, and getting your ornaments through Etsy allows you to support small businesses and artists in your community and across the country.

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Whatever role you need ornaments to fill and whatever kind of ornament you need, Etsy is a great place to find pieces with all the joy and beauty of a classic Christmas ornament, with the unique style and flair of each artist.

Keep scrolling to see some of the ornaments offered by Etsy stores based in the West.

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Southwestern Style Bulb Ornaments by TheHeadsCreationSW

orange blue and red southwestern ornaments

Courtesy of TheHeadsCreationSW on Etsy

These ornaments combine the traditional bulb look with the colors and designs of the southwestern United States and New Mexico, in particular, creating a new take on the classic Christmas bulb.

Set of 3 Southwestern Ornaments, $57

Macrame Hoops by CordPlusQuartz

macrame white hoops hanging from tree

Courtesy of CordPlusQuartz on Etsy

These tightly woven hoops are topped with bows and faux fir sprigs. This subtle ornament almost looks like it’ll fade into the tree, but the crisp white cotton makes sure it pops even from afar.

Macrame Christmas Ornament, $10.95

Felt Christmas Trees by FarmerSoul

red trees with white patterns hanging from branch

Courtesy of FarmerSoul on Etsy

From across the room, these felt trees create the classic Christmas pairing of red and green, and from up close, they add a simple but artful snowflake design to create an ornament that’s much more than a tree hanging from a tree.

Pack of 6 Felt Trees, $27.99

Macrame Wreath by SweetheartMacrame

white pink teal green blue and tan macrame wreaths with bows

Courtesy of SweetheartMacrame

Delicacy in the realm of ornaments usually refers to fragile glass ornaments. But the artistry behind these little wreaths creates an ornament that is beautiful and delicate without the risk of shattering.

Macrame Wreath, $9

Felt Snowmen by SnowmanStore

snowmen with acorn and colorful scarves

Courtesy of SnowmanStore on Etsy

I have been obsessed with these little dudes since I saw them and you probably will be, too. Bring some childlike joy into your tree with the cutest group of snowmen you ever did see.

Set of 8 Snowmen, $75

Burlap Flowers by BoerneBurlapDesigns

burlap flower with pearl in center

Courtesy of BoerneBurlapDesigns

Red and green may be traditional Christmas colors, but there’s no denying the natural harmony between the light brown of burlap and the deep green of a fir tree. These skillfully created flowers bring that powerful relationship to your tree, plus a small sparkle with pearl centers.

Set of 3 Burlap Flowers, $8

Embroidered Snowflake by AlisonSorensenShop

embroidery hoop red field with black snowflake in tree

Courtesy of AlisonSorensenShop on Etsy

The black snowflake on the red field gives the ornament a bold but intriguing style, and the embroidery hoop containing the whole thing highlights the handmade nature of this ornament.

Embroidered Snowflake, $5

3D Wood Snowflake by TheCraftySmiths

layered wood snowflake ornament on tree

Courtesy of TheCraftySmiths on Etsy

While it might not look exactly like the classic image of a snowflake, this ornament captures its inherent complexity and symmetry. Available in four different styles, layered wood only deepens that sense.

3D Wood Snowflake, $15

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