From puzzles to gardening tools, the Sunset Store has everything you need to get the best out of the autumn season.

vintage sunset magazine mugs cards puzzles and totes
Sunset Shop
The Sunset store offers a selection of items decorated with vintage Sunset magazine covers.

Summer—with its heat, humidity, and constant pressure to be fun and exciting—is ending, and it’s time for autumn to return to the stage. The leaves are changing, temperatures are falling (unless you’re in Southern California), and stores are stuffed with decorations for holidays still weeks away.

With the changing season come new outdoor activities, lots of occasions for entertaining, and a great deal of gift-giving. After a, let’s say—complex—year, it’s nice to have new things to look forward to and occupy your time with. But no matter how excited you are for all this, you still may not have everything you need to make the most out of the end of 2021. Whether you need gardening gear for your first harvest season, new serving utensils after a highly unsocial last year and a half, or a gift for that one family member that never knows what they want, there are a variety of items to peruse in the Sunset Store.

We’ve got everything from aprons, tools, and bags to get the most out of your home garden to serving platters to mixology kits to make holiday entertaining the best it can be. The store is also stocked with puzzles and journals for those of us eager for a quiet, relaxed end of the year. All beautiful and artfully made, with an air of rustic refinement, items in the Sunset Store are made to ensure you can end 2021 on the best note possible.