9 Spooky Decorations for a Vintage Halloween Party

These antique and vintage-inspired accessories give your Halloween party a chillingly retro vibe

Jessica Mordo
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Salem’s Lot

Serve up your witches’ brew or treats, or bob for apples (like they used to do!) in a vintage cauldron worthy of the occasion.
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Hocus Pocus

For a mad scientist or creepy potions master (think Severus Snape) vignette, buy some glass apothecary jars and adorn them with these printable vintage potion labels. You can even fill them with libations and invite your guests to mix drinks...if they dare.
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Creep Show

From “Witches’ Dance” to “The Vampire Waltz,” this assortment of four vintage posters from the early 1900’s provides instant mood-setters.
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The Conjuring

An antique-looking Ouija board is a crowning centerpiece for a Halloween party. This one ups the creep factor with hair-raising sound effects.
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Fright Night

This vintage postcard from the early 1900’s features verse and an on-theme illustration. Frame it and display it prominently for your guests to see.
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Serve a spooky sangria or other big-batch drink in a vessel made for the occasion. Bonus: the antique look makes it a classy party serving piece year-round.
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Night of the Living Dead

These mini glass coffins can be filled with vintage candies or miniature decor. You an also turn them into creep-tastic terrariums! Air plants, with their spidery “legs,” would be the perfect addition. However you style these, Drac would be proud.
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Paranormal Activity

Add some creepy sound effects to your soiree at the push of a button with this “haunted” vintage-style radio.
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Bride of Frankenstein

Drape a lampshade (or a mantel) with some black lace and you’ve got a creepy vintage look on cue.