Before indulging in Halloween candy and devilish treats, make room at your table for these healthy dishes to fuel a night of trick-or-treating.

Healthy Halloween? I know that sounds like the worst case of Halloween party-pooping ever, but hear us out: These recipes are truly delicious. Empanadashand pies, even cupcakes are included in this roundup of tasty and satisfying treats to bring to a party or give to the kids to cushion the sugar blow that’s about to come.

Wait, back it up … cupcakes? Well, notice that these dishes are filed under the heading “Healthy Halloween,” not “Recipes for Year-Round Health Nuts.” But all joking aside, these red-velvet cupcakes do actually have a secret nutritious weapon: They get their red coloring from beets. But just tell everyone it’s good old Red Dye #3 and no one will ever suspect they’re eating health food.

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