These sweet pepper “mummies,” stuffed with a gently spicy mix of Mexican chorizo, cream cheese, sharp cheddar, and cilantro, make for the quintessential fun Halloween party food


Elevate your Halloween cuisine by cooking something that doesn’t belong on the dessert table. Don’t let the adorable aesthetic of this fun Halloween food deceive you—these stuffed sweet pepper “mummies” cater to guests of all ages.

Add cream cheese, sharp cheddar, cilantro, cooked Mexican chorizo, and red chili flakes (if you dare) to a medium-sized mixing bowl. Mix together until clumpy. Apply baking powder to a wooden cutting board and place crescent roll dough on top, unrolling it from its cylindrical shape. Further flatten the dough with a dough roller then cut into thin strips vertically using a pastry cutter. Cut bell peppers (the sweet kind) in half from the stem, laying the halves on a cooking sheet facing up. Fill the halved peppers with the cream-cheese based mix. Next, wrap the dough strips around the peppers horizontally. There’s no need to make the strips look even—in fact, the rougher the dressing the applied, the clearer the mummy appearance. Paint the tops of the “mummified” peppers with beaten egg.

Bake in the oven. The dough should soften and take shape around the peppers. Cook until the dough is lightly toasted. After removing the peppers from the oven, lay them out on a white plate so they stand out. Use sour cream to dot the peppers with two round “eyeballs,” using black olive slivers for pupils, and serve.

Dig into this fun Halloween food to fuel up for a night of trick-or-treating, leaving the candy to the kids. Be warned, however, these chorizo-and-chili-based mummies look sweet but they actually pack a little bit of kick. If you want to make them less spicy, look for a mild chorizo at the market.

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