No matter your container needs, we’ve gathered just the one for any upcoming meal prep-packing.

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If you recently started meal prepping for the first time, you probably quickly realized that the most important part of cooking meals in advance is having the proper tools to store them. You don’t want to prep a week’s worth of salads and come to find, on day three, that your greens are wilted and inedible. There are so many different ways to package and prep your meals to ensure they stay fresh for longer. That’s why we’ve gathered our favorite containers for easier storage—and to take with you on the go.

While some containers offer a specific use, like the fruit and vegetable to-go cup from Mepal, others like stainless steel tiffins take a more utilitarian approach thanks to stacking compartments for different items. Looking to save on storage space? Collapsible containers from Stojo offer an easy solution for people who are meal prepping in smaller spaces.

If you’re not a full-on meal prepper and are more focused on finding ways to store snacks, Stasher makes reusable silicone pouches that come in a variety of sizes—some are even small enough to fit in a purse or pocket. We’ve also put together a guide to more enticing recipes to meal prep breakfast and lunch. Dishes like chicken dan-dan noodles deepen in flavor as the peanut and soy-based sauce soaks into fresh egg noodles. You can even swap out the chicken for a bit of added variation; maybe tofu one day and roasted mushrooms another? 

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With dozens of containers on the market, it might be difficult to find the one that fits your meal prepping needs. Keep scrolling to see our top picks for containers and storage solutions that will add ease to your prep days.

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