Make your breakfast in a muffin tin with some of these easy recipes.

Breakfast lovers tend to fall into one of two categories: The savory, or those who prefer omelets and bacon in the morning, and the sweet, who lean toward pancakes, pastries, and fruit. One place many of those early risers can agree on? Coffee.

But also, muffins.

Homemade muffins can be covered with fruit or nuts, topped with streusel or seeds. They can be filled with chocolate or lemon, apple or bananas. The options and ingredients are endless, for the sweet and savory breakfast fans alike. Muffins are a quick, easy, customizable, and satisfying way to start the day. And for meal preppers, they have the added bonus of being easily made ahead of time when necessary.

If you are looking to up your baking game, or you’re in need of a quick breakfast option to last the week, we have recipes that run the gamut from buckwheat gingerbread muffins to brown sugar-banana muffins. Find a classic recipe, like lemon poppyseed, or stretch your taste buds with a blue corn take on the classic blueberry muffin.

From mini almond and grape cakes to chocolate hazelnut (yes, we’re counting those as muffins, too), keep scrolling for some inspiration to add to your muffin tin.