The sweet taste of the season.

Feta with Roasted Peaches

Thomas J. Story

Nothing says summer like a juicy wedge of watermelon. The weather is heating up and the sweetest, freshest summer fruits are taking the spotlight. We’re talking about everything from berries to melons to stone fruits. 

Watermelon and honeydew bring mild melon goodness to the table, and vibrant berries like blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries bring beautiful pops of color. And don’t forget about stone fruits: Peaches, plums, and mangoes are ripe for the picking. Some spring fruits are still in season as well, so don’t forget to explore inspiration for strawberries, avocados, apricots, and cherries.  

In salads, berries add bursts of flavor alongside crisp vegetables and salty cheeses, like this blueberry gorgonzola salad. Plus, summer fruity flavors complement meats well in spiced barbecue sauces and go great with seafood

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It’s easy to whip up simple treats for your summertime gatherings, like this elegant dessert that takes just four ingredients and no cooking or baking time. A light and refreshing watermelon lime granita will cool you down after a day in the sun, or this crisp can make a more indulgent dessert with luxurious flavor pairings of hazelnut, honey, and blackberry.  

Here are 27 summer fruit recipes to use up your farmers market haul: 



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