No time? No problem.

Tangerine Beef and Broccolini (1214)
Iain Bagwell

After a long day at work, nobody wants to spend hours in the kitchen with cooking time and cleanup. But you can eat well despite the most chaotic of calendars. And that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on takeout or delivery every weeknight. A little bit of planning ahead can set your menu for the week so you have home-cooked dinners prepared and ready to serve. You’ll be grateful for trying these meal-prep dinner ideas.

Leftovers sometimes taste even better than the dish did on the first day as flavors steep, like lemony pistachio flavors melding together as pesto infuses this penne dish. Opt for simple recipes like this hassle-free one-pan dinner that packs in lots of protein and vegetables, or take advantage of a free weekend to tend to a Dutch oven for a big batch of juicy and rich wine-braised beef short ribs that will feed you and your family throughout the whole week. Plant-based eaters will love these tofu rice bowls—just prep ingredients ahead before topping with a creamy tahini sauce the day of. 

Gone are the days of eating sad microwave dinners, and don’t even get me started about boring plain chicken and rice. Try these 20 meal-prep dinner ideas to nourish your body and soul on busy days.

Make-Ahead Dishes for Weekday Dinners

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