From strawberries to apricots, these ingredients capture the season’s essence in each bite.

Strawberry Quinoa Ricotta Salata Salad
Iain Bagwell

In the spirit of a rejuvenating season, it’s time to revel in nature’s candy. Bursting with natural sweetness, we’re indulging in our favorite spring fruits that make these months shine that much brighter. 

Classics like strawberries, cherries, and apricots have our hearts, but don’t forget about avocado and pineapple, too. Though it may give tropical, summery vibes, peak pineapple season actually started in March. Its sweet acidity packs a vibrant punch in any recipe, like these pineapple basil sundaes, which are an aromatic, herbaceous sweet treat. 

These fruits elevate dishes, sweet and savory alike, so you can embrace the season with every course. Start a spring gathering with this salad where juicy strawberries bring out the richness of ricotta, followed by a heartier sandwich where tangy apricot cuts gooey mozzarella. Spring’s fruits cater to any of your dessert cravings, from a creamy, luscious avocado and dark chocolate tart to a light, refreshing cherry sherbet

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