Just another reason we wish we were kids again.

In-N-Out Gives Kids Free Hot Chocolate on Rainy Days

Rainy season is here again–as if we needed more reason to stay in our houses. But there’s a secret to surviving the Rain-pocalypse with your cabin-fevered kids: Get thee to an In-N-Out, where hot chocolate is free for all the kiddies under 12 on rainy days.

In a world where (almost) nothing is free, it’s just one more reason to love this family-friendly Western chain. The hot chocolate is pretty straightforward: The cocoa is from Ghirardelli and you can get it topped with marshmallows. But we know you’ll want to snag a double-double animal-style for yourself, and some singles and animal-style fries for the kids. (Don’t forget to ask for some free stickers, too, for maximum entertainment.)

Idling underneath the golden arrow sign won’t even feel like such a long wait when you’ve finally gotten your rowdy crew out of the house. Psst!: We won’t tell anyone if you steal one of your kid’s cups and doctor it into a hot toddy when you get home. Or, make a cup of our Totally Decadent Hot Chocolate, for an over-the-top homemade treat. 

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