In-N-Out has been subtly making changes to its decor

In-N-Out Is Quietly Updating Its Restaurants. Here’s What They Look Like
Andrew Weibert/Unsplash

In-N-Out is not known for bending to new food trends, and with good reason: The company knows its original formula works.

Still, that doesn’t mean the company isn’t looking for new ways to keep itself fresh for its customers. Although the company has a comforting restaurant style that its patrons know and love — the red and white color scheme, the palm trees, the yellow arrow logo — In-N-Out has updated about 20 new and existing locations with some changes that might make you look twice (if you know where to turn).

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Denny Warnick, Vice President of Operations for In-N-Out, said in a statement to SFGate that most of the changes are “subtle updates” to items such as the wallpaper and lighting, which Nation’s Restaurant News described as “vintage style schoolhouse light fixtures.”

“In order to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and condition of our restaurants, we have always refreshed [locations] as needed,” said Warnick.

Among the more visible signs of change? Look no further than the neon “Quality You Can Taste” sign near the menu. If you’re suddenly noticing that the (usually) yellow sign is now green, you’re mostly likely in one of the newly updated locations.

“In our more recently remodeled dining rooms, the color of the neon sign has been changed to the classic green neon color from our original In-N-Out Burger signs of decades ago,” said Warnick. “While the feature has always been there, I’m sure the new color is quite noticeable, especially to our longtime customers.” One of the other noticeable updates is the inclusion of more vintage photographs of the earlier In-N-Out locations.

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Although most In-N-Out locations typically feature a framed photo or two nodding to the company’s 70-year history, refreshed locations now sport a series of black-and-white photos that line the walls of the restaurant, near the ceiling (see the photos in the slideshow above for some examples).

In-N-Out wouldn’t disclose a list of its restaurants flaunting the new updates, but both a Santa Ana, Calif. location (3361 S. Bristol St.) and a Las Vegas branch (3545 S. Las Vegas Blvd.) have been spotted with the aforementioned changes. 

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