Warm up winter with a special mocha, hot cider, mulled wine, glass of bubbly, or fizzy mocktail.

While every season has its selection of delicious seasonal drinks, winter’s lineup is particularly stacked. With all the spices, sweets, and fruits connected to the season, plus the added decadence of hot drinks, winter brings with it lots of opportunities to create impressive drinks that really taste like the season.

For boozy drinks, mulled wines and spiced ciders are always good, perfect for big gatherings, and full of spice and holiday flavor. Of course, there are plenty of new twists on the classics too, like a coconut eggnog or a hot mojito tea.

Or if you’re looking for something a little more family-friendly, you can go classic with all kinds of hot chocolate, from white chocolate with marshmallows to rich chocolate with vanilla bean and caramel sauce, or a non-alcoholic take on a classic Christmas kir. But there are also new creations like a hot cranberry and ginger punch with lime for a little acidity, and a fall take on a hot cider, with honey and star anise. And with a splash of your favorite spirit, most of these can be turned into adult drinks anyways.

All of these drinks recipes are great for any winter day, whether you’re at a big holiday gathering or just spending a cozy night in away from the cold.