Bring the classic Christmas song to life in your home with these elegant garlands, wreaths, stockings, and more.

personalized white stockings hanging from mantle

Courtesy of porterlanehome on Etsy

When it’s time for Christmas decorating, it’s also time to choose the style of those decorations. Sure, traditional decorations are always an option, and as classic as they and the timeless Christmas red and green combination are, that’s not the only option. Maybe this is the year we mix old and new, change things up.

Whether you’re inspired by Irving Berlin’s classic song, a crisp winter snow, or simply the existing color palette of your home, you may want to try decorating in the style of a “White Christmas.” Luckily, between major retailers and local Etsy creators, there are plenty of decorations that perfectly fit the theme.

From stockings and model villages to garlands upon garlands, these pieces offer a subtler approach to the holidays. Plus, for those who want to decorate but don’t observe any particular holidays, these hues and designs can be generic enough to serve simply as winter decor.

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For those with a more rustic style, berry garlands offer the beauty of nature with a more controllable indoor elegance. Those who live in areas with winter snows—or perhaps those who wish they did—may opt for flocked trees and garlands to create crisp, white beauty of heavy limbs without any of the hassle or inconvenience of actual snowfall. And all kinds of white Christmas table decorations offer an intriguing calmness and peace while still conveying the joy of the season.

For ideas or a place to get started, check out these items below.

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White Berry Garland by WildRidgeDesign

white and brown berry garland on white wooden floor

Courtesy of WildRidgeDesign on Etsy

If you want to decorate with berries but hope to avoid the intense reds and spiky leaves of holly, this garland, created by WildRidgeDesign on Etsy, is perfect for you. When gracefully displayed on a mantel or shelf, it brings the order and chaos of nature together into a gorgeous piece.

White Berry Garland, $45

Pre-Lit Flocked Trees by Grandin Road

six lit up preflocked pine trees of different heights

Courtesy of Grandin Road

Fir trees often look their best when laden with snow, but there’s no way to bring that look inside without ending up with a snowless tree and a large puddle to clean up. These faux trees allow you to recreate that style without any of the hassle. Available in a variety of sizes from 2 to 7 feet, these trees come with pre-installed lights and offer a little piece of a winter wonderland in your home.

Pre-Lit Flocked Trees, $39.60

White Felt Ball Garland by ThePeaberryStudio

felt ball garland strung among pine garland

Courtesy of ThePeaberryStudio on Etsy

Sometimes decorations are about simplicity and it’s difficult to get more simple than a string of white felt balls. But this garland, created by ThePeaBerryStudio on Etsy, is granted great versatility through its simplicity. Whether you hang it on its own or intertwine it with another decoration, this ideal decoration provides delightful pops of vibrant white that can add to the complexity of a design or shine on its own.

White Felt Ball Garland, $18.95

Snowy Bristle Pine Garland by Wayfair

white faux pine garland with lights

Courtesy of Wayfair

Much like the flocked trees, this garland allows you to bring the look of snow-covered wood and the feeling of a white Christmas into your home. At 9 feet long, it gives you plenty of material to work with to adorn a wall or wrap something with peaceful white bristles and soft yellow lights.

Snowy Bristle Pine Garland, $54.95

Winter White and Green Wreath by MadailinCorner

wreath with white branches and green leaves on mantle

Courtesy of MadailinCorner on Etsy

Quite a bit different from the classic full circle of leaves, this wreath, created by MadailinCorner on Etsy, has a distinct rustic air to it. The combination of leaves and exposed branches gives it a little more complexity and makes it feel and look like a real living thing. While the paler colors don’t make it the most vibrant of wreaths, when hung in the right spot it’ll pop more than any other.

Winter White and Green Wreath, $80

Wood Bead Christmas Garland by Crate and Barrel

strings of wood ball garland in from of tree

Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Much like the felt garland, the beauty here is in the simplicity. These wood beads may not look like much, but when combined with lights, greenery, or just hung in the right spot, they can shine. At 6 feet long, this garland is perfect for those looking for a more modern or minimalist approach to holiday decorating.

Wood Bead Garland, $29

Tea Light Village by AllFortheJoyofIt

six white lit-up buildings with trees

Courtesy of AllFortheJoyofIt on Etsy

If you’re looking for a less vibrant or less costly version of the classic ceramic Christmas village, this adorable set is perfect. Created by AllFortheJoyofIt on Etsy using designs from, this little village looks like it’s in the middle of a white Christmas itself, and exudes an undeniable sense of peace. A variety of combinations are available, but the full set includes six trees and six buildings, including a church, each equipped with tea lights that shine cozy yellow lights through the windows.

Tea Light Village, from $15.50

Faux White Ilex Berry Garland by Crate and Barrel

white berry garland on mantle

Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Much like the Etsy variety, this garland feels and looks almost like something you found in the woods and couldn’t resist bringing inside. The all-over-the-place nature of the branches might make it difficult to find a good place for it, but once you find one, it’ll look right at home.

Faux White Ilex Berry Garland, $79.95

Tassel Christmas Stocking by porterlanehome

personalized white stockings hanging from mantle

Courtesy of porterlanehome on Etsy

Christmas morning wouldn’t be complete without stockings, and these created by porterlanehome on Etsy are beautiful. The linens come in a selection of whites and grays, and can be personalized with names across the top band. These colors make them ideal for anyone looking for a more rustic farmhouse aesthetic.

Tassel Christmas Stocking, $25.95

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