Nothing says “and the winner is…” like a fizzy cocktail

Holiday Spritz

Melissa Gayle

Viewing parties aren’t just about the party appetizers and the Oscars-themed recipes. Though the main dishes and desserts you spent hours laboring over are important as ever, nothing says awards season quite like a fizzy, bubbly drink in your hand.

Skip the shaker and make one (or more!) of these 12 sparkling wine cocktails for a hassle-free crowd pleaser that is as festive as ever.

Holiday Spritz

This sparkling wine cocktail is made with rosemary, pomegranate juice, and Jardesca, a made-in-California white aperitif infused with botanicals.

The Camellia

Chamomile flowers, pink grapefruit, honey, vodka, and sparkling wine fill this delicate cocktail with floral and citrus flavors. Use coiled pink grapefruit zest for an added garnish.

Champagne Cocktail

Sugar and bitters balance the natural acidity of sparkling wine, making this Champagne Cocktail great for sipping with festive dishes like earthy sauteed mushrooms or picture-perfect cheese boards.

Inverness Sunset

The most important part to the Inverness Sunset is to chill all ingredients before mixing, since this fizzy cocktail is meant to be served straight up. You’ll need sparkling rose, lemon juice, pomegranate juice, and rosemary.

Sea Breeze Mimosa

Holiday brunches deserve some good bubbly, too. Enter this Sea Breeze Mimosa, which uses both cranberry and grapefruit juice. Whether you fill your glass with champagne or sparkling wine is up to you.

Pomegranate Fizzies

This is quite possibly one of the easiest champagne drinks you can make for a party. All that’s required: extra-dry sparkling wine, pomegranate juice, and pomegranate seeds.

Crimson Spice Champagne Cocktail

Fully embrace all the winter flavors with this cocktail made from cranberry juice, fresh cranberries, ginger, star anise, Champagne, and cognac or brandy. For a non-alcoholic alternative, use club soda instead of cognac and Champagne.

Aatxe Aperitivo (Sparkling Cava Cocktail)

This cava (Spanish sparkling wine) drink uses bitters, orange zest, and Pacharán, a Basque spirit that’s similar to gin. Think of this as a twist on the classic Champagne cocktail.

Sonoran Sunset

We love this sparkling wine drink for its peachy-pink color, but its sweet berry citrus flavor (thanks to honey simple syrup, lemon juice, and raspberry) doesn’t hurt either.

Lavender Spritz

Here’s another cocktail if you’re big cava fan. This sparkling floral drink uses grapefruit juice, lemon juice, Cocchi Americano, lavender bitters, and cava for an ultra-festive glass of bubbly.

Litchi Raspberry Cocktail

All you need is some quality Prosecco, a few fresh raspberries, and canned lychees for adornment to make this fruit-forward cocktail that feels party-appropriate.

St-Germain Fizzy

Pairing Prosecco with St-Germain is one of the best ways to sip the elderflower liqueur. This fizzy cocktail also uses chopped apricots or peaches and thinly-sliced strawberries for a finishing touch.