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This Might Be the Ultimate Winter Dish
Photo by Annabelle Breakey; written by Elaine Johnson

Goodbye salad weather, hello toasty-roasty red-meat days. Cooler temperatures demand hotter meals, and the darkest days of the year seem to call for the biggest, heartiest, tastiest preparations possible. There’s a reason roasts are traditional for Christmas dinner, and it’s not just because they feed a crowd. They’re the ultimate winter dish—rich and warming, the perfect antidote to cold, austere days.

So, whether for your holiday meal or just to treat yourself to an exceptionally filling repast, try one of these recipes this December.  Go uber-traditional with roast goose, or stick to a tried-and-true dish like beef rib roast or prime rib. Make it a little lighter but no less flavorful with a feast built around a whole roasted rockfish. Or skip the meat entirely! Many vegetables roast up nicely and can stand on their own as the heart of a family dinner. Whether you’re in the mood for beef, porklamb, or even bison, we’ve got a holiday roast candidate below.

Crowd-Pleasing Holiday Roast Recipes

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