Check out all of our favorite recipes to make for your Super Bowl viewing party.

24 Super Bowl Food Ideas to Make, Even If You’re Not Watching the Game

Annabelle Breakey

The Super Bowl is once again upon us, and even if you’re not a football fan, you can still eat around the television and tweet about the halftime show and the commercials. We’ve rounded up two dozen of our favorite wing recipes, finger foods, and dips to make sure the Super Bowl leaves you just as full as every other year.

We’ve got all the traditional Super Bowl food ideas you expect. Some are straight-up familiar comfort food, like Grilled Buttermilk Chicken and Jalapeño Poppers. Some nudge into “a little something different” territory, like wing recipes that incorporate flavors such as Thai currytamarind, or agrodolce. But all are perfect for game day, and sure to please a crowd.

Most of these recipes can be largely prepared ahead of time, because there’s nothing worse than missing the big play because you’re tending the grill or stuck in the kitchen chopping things. That will leave you plenty of time to be present for your guests, and you’ll be sure not to miss a touchdown. (Or the commercial that everyone will be talking about the next day.)

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