Our favorite meat-free recipes for salsa, black bean chili, and of course, guacamole, to master this year’s Super Bowl party.

Hearty Vegetarian Super Bowl Recipes to Score Big Even with the Pickiest Meat Eaters
Iain Bagwell
Vegetarian Super Bowl Recipes: Stacked Nopales Quesadillas (0120)

Call it the ultimate two-point conversion: These recipes might just make the most hardcore carnivore rethink their stance. No one at your Super Bowl party will miss meat with dishes as hearty, flavorful, and celebratory as this.

How can you wish for sliders or wings when you’re gobbling up forkfuls of crispy-chewy, gooey macaroni and cheese? Or chili? Can anything that comes off a grill really compete with the perfect deviled egg? (We never promised this affair would be vegan—or low-fat.) 

A dish like Blue Cheese, Mustard, and Beer Noodles is essentially a party on a platter. A whole bowl of that will induce a food coma as surely as a burger. (We don’t expect anyone to take it that far, though; these offerings are meant to be shared.) 

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The roundup here includes a lot of classics; exactly the sort of thing guests expect at a Super Bowl party, including pizza (well, flatbread), dip scooped up with tortilla chips, and guacamole. There are a few outside-the-box ideas too, that we think will be well received, even if they aren’t strictly canon, like eggplant salsa and Nopales Quesadillas.

We’re certain that none of your guests will wish for more while enjoying these recipes—in fact, we’re pretty sure they won’t even notice they’ve gone temporarily vegetarian. So, shhhhhh! Your healthy secret’s safe with us. 

Super Bowl parties can be polarizing by their very nature—not everyone is necessarily rooting for the same outcome, after all. But if any of these dishes is on the buffet table, all the guests will agree on one thing: You and your perfect party fare will be the big winners.

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