At your next fall party, give the classic appetizer a low-carb twist

Vibrant, delicious, and nutrient-rich, sweet potatoes can be a filling and healthy alternative to regular potatoes when the cold weather strikes. This sweet potato crostini recipe is no exception, and what’s more, it puts a lighter twist on the traditional bread-based appetizer. Start by cutting the sweet potato into slices on angle (as you would an apple). Season with olive oil, salt, and pepper to taste. Mix with your hands to combine. Next, line a baking sheet with the slices, roasting in the oven until browned. While the potato slices are warm, layer on slices of brie. Sprinkle on pistachios and diced pancetta, too, and bake some more. The cheese should melt just slightly into the sweet potato. Remove from heat and scatter fresh thyme on top before serving to your guests.

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