For your Lunar New Year celebrations, Valentine’s Day dinner, and more, these tasty seasonal recipes will speak for themselves.

Queen Street Broiled Oysters
Thomas J. Story

After a healthy start to the new year in January, the holidays in February call for more decadence—and some well-deserved cheat days. This month, we’ll be feasting on seasonal recipes for two major holidays. (All of these recipes, featuring winter produce, are great any day of the month, of course.)

All month long, Lunar New Year celebrations will bring together family and friends to indulge in symbolic dishes. The start of the new year according to the lunar calendar falls on February 10 this year, and different dishes and festivities will ring in the Year of the Dragon across Asia and beyond. Enjoy symbolic foods such as egg rolls for wealth and prosperity, noodle dishes for longevity, and whole fish for abundance. 

Next, we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14 with all foods rich, indulgent, and pink. If you’re opting to cook at home for your V-Day dinner this year, try our recipes for filet mignon, oysters, and fondue. With these dishes, your at-home feast is sure to be as elegant and tasty as a restaurant date, and you’ll score tons of brownie points for cooking for your valentine. 

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Beyond taste and seasonality, the real strength of these recipes is their symbolism. The Lunar New Year foods have clear meanings, but the act of breaking bread with loved ones also shows how much you care for your guests. Even the Valentine’s Day dishes convey a message. Cooking for your valentine is a way to say “I love you,” and sharing the meal demonstrates intimacy and trust. For dishes that speak for themselves, check out our list of February recipes below. 

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