Our readers were busy in the kitchen this year. We compiled a list of the most popular Sunset recipes in 2023.

Communion's Pho
Thomas J. Story

As 2023 comes to a close, it can be fun to think back on what we did this year—personal and professional accomplishments, trips, the cultural events we got to witness (concerts, museums, plays, etc.), and what we ate and drank. When it comes to the last part, I’m sure you have plenty of highs (and inevitably some lows). One thing’s for sure—you probably got busy in the kitchen in 2023.

What were your recipe standouts this year? Maybe there were a few from Sunset? We compiled a list of our readers’ most-loved recipes of 2023, and it runs the gamut from a classic Thanksgiving turkey recipe to unique pastas to delicious ways to get your greens. See the top 25 below—and bookmark some to make in 2024!

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