A collection of your favorite apple recipes.

Thank goodness for Johnny Appleseed assisting in the expansion of apple trees from the East to the West. Now we can all enjoy mother nature’s sweet gift to us—and experiment whipping up tarts, crisps, salads, and more. After all, we definitely didn’t invent the apple here, but we have a way with the fall staple in the West. 

(Incidentally, did you know that the average American has only tasted six varieties of apple? This seems a shame considering how good Mr. Appleseed was to this part of the country. We urge you to bust out of the McIntosh/Granny Smith/Fuji rut and find the varieties that work best for your baking and snacking needs.)

We’ve got recipes for apple pie, sure, but there’s a lot more you can do with the versatile fruit. You can bake them, put them in cakes, or roast them over campfire coals—and that’s just the desserts. Apples lend a pleasant, non-cloying sweetness to savory dishes. Pairing them with pork is classic, and you’ve probably had them in salad, but think outside the barrel and put them in salsas or pair them with grains or another fall classic, squash.

Apple recipes don’t grow on trees like actual apples, but good ideas are still thick on the ground around here. Keep reading for 20 amazing apple recipes to try this fall.  

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