It's time for caramelized tarts, juicy pies, crisps, streusels, and cinnamony sauces. See our editor's favorite apple dessert (and discover your own)
Celebrate apple season with 11 tasty recipes
Thomas J. Story

We’ve got all your apple favorites here, from the simple crisp and free-form galette to the fancy tarte tatin and the traditional apple streusel pie. All that’s left is a giant scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Dig in.

Apple-Cranberry-Currant Pie with French Topping
This is our editor’s favorite apple dessert, she serves it every Thanksgiving to treat her family. Get the recipe

Apple-Crisp Baked Apples
If you’re looking for that big apple flavor without a fuss, try these simple baked apples ― the crisp topping is stuffed inside. Get the recipe

Apple Galette
Galettes are great when you want that apple-pie flavor and don’t want to worry about crimping pie edges. (If you’re pressed for time, try this with store-bought pie crust.) Get the recipe

Tarte Tatin
This impressive dish is basically an upside-down apple tart. The apples bake in a rich, caramel sauce making it even more special. Get the recipe

Apple-Pear Gratin
Fall’s bounty of apples and pears are combined in an easy to make gratin, studded with currants, spiked with rum, and topped with a crushed cookie topping. If that wasn’t good enough, it can also be made a day ahead. Get the recipe

Harvest Apple Pie with Hazelnut Streusel
Spicy apple, dried apricot and cherry filling is topped with a crunchy hazelnut streusel in this special harvest-time treat. Get the recipe

Sunglow Apple-Lemon Pie
New to pie-making? Try this super basic apple-lemon pie that’s thickened with tapioca. Get the recipe

Oak Glen Apple Pie with Cinnamon Sauce
Traditional apple pie is even more delicious paired with a cinnamony sauce of apple juice, cinnamon, brown sugar, and orange peel. Get the recipe

Los Rios Apple Crisp
A Sunset reader favorite, this recipe gets its nutty flavor from toasty pecans and oats. Get the recipe

Columbia Gorge Hotel Apple Tart
Prepared puff pastry makes this dessert a breeze to prepare, Calvados jazzes it up. Get the recipe

Grill-Baked Apple Crisp
This version of traditional apple crisp gets baked on the grill, making it perfect for early fall outdoor entertaining. Get the recipe

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