No matter the technique or flavoring, these roast, grilled, and smoked variations on Thanksgiving turkey are guaranteed to deliver a show-stopping entree for your holiday feast.

The Joy of Cooking: Classic Roast Turkey

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It’s hard to imagine Thanksgiving without a good turkey. The stuffing and the potatoes and the green beans all may flesh out the meal. But the focus is on the bird. With that level of importance, you need to have a good recipe.

However you like your turkey prepared, you’ve got plenty of options to help either stick to tradition or try something new. For fans of a classic roast turkey, why not mix things up a little by making it in the style of the traditional Italian pork roast, porchetta? Or pay homage to the flavor of SoCal with a citrus and herb-infused Ojai-inspired roast turkey.

Or if you prefer a grilled turkey, try giving it a boost of fresh flavors with a celery herb rub. Or instead, why not add a little kick, with a chile and spice rub.

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And for those who prefer not to take up their whole oven with one bird, there are plenty of smoked turkey recipes out there as well. Take a trip deep into the Pacific with a Hawaiian-inspired turkey marinated in soy sauce and ginger, or bring the flavors of your glass to life in the bird with a wine-smoked turkey.

Whatever recipe you choose, make sure you’ve got a gravy recipe that’ll stand up to and improve upon your turkey. And of course, you need all the right gear to properly make a great turkey. Our selection of turkey prep tools will save you from being poorly equipped for the big meal.

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