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Flight Attendants in Airport
mihailomilovanovic/Getty Images

You might have a passport covered in stamps—and an Instagram feed with an endless scroll of vacation selfies—but the real travel pros are the people who do it for a living. (Yes, we’re talking about flight attendants.) After spending the bulk of their lives at least 33,000 feet in the air, flight attendants know just about everything there is to know about traveling. They have an encyclopedic knowledge of every ding and chime you hear on a flight, are well-versed in travel horror stories, and can even tell you the best times to use the bathroom. So when it comes to packing their carry-on bags to be as efficient as possible, flight attendants aren’t just up for the challenge: They excel in it.

Curious to see what’s lurking in those carry-on bags we always see flight attendants roll onto the jet bridge, we asked a handful of pros for their travel essentials. Turns out, their recommendations extend far beyond the basic suitcase or personal item. From chargers to door locks, these new-and-improved travel essentials are poised to ensure a fun, safe trip. Now if you can fasten your seatbelts and make room in your e-cart for these pro-approved picks…

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