Finding a lantern that possesses both outdoor setting serviceability and decorative allure can be a challenge.

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Courtesy of Balmuda
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Welcome to another WildLands gear grab, where we highlight a piece of equipment you should absolutely get your hands on. We only recommend things we love. If you buy something through our site, we might earn a commission.

Light sources. Forgetting them inevitably hurls wrench after wrench into the outdoor experience as you struggle to eye simple functions like cooking, games with the family, cleaning up, situating sleeping systems, or locating that solitary fly—or was that a wasp?—that vanished into unseen crevices moments earlier.

Sure, phone flashlights or headlamps provide bare necessity alternatives, but aesthetically pleasing and pupil-soothing devices they are not. On the other side of that coin are an array of camping lanterns built for rugged, off-grid excursions, but finding one that possesses both outdoor setting serviceability and enough decorative allure for in-home use can pose a little more of a challenge.

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Not to worry. Hybrid lanterns that meet the aforementioned criteria are indeed out there, waiting to illuminate your next campsite, glamping trip, picnic, or late-night reading session, or simply to add a little illuminative flare to that embarrassingly barren bookshelf in time for the next Zoom meeting.

Lumens, battery life, aesthetics, accessories, and more factored into choosing the five lanterns on this list, which, coupled with my previous look at the excessively soft products from Alpaca Threadz, appears to be another subconscious call for cozy aesthetics capable of making long winter months more tolerable. That said, let’s talk lanterns.

Balmuda The Lantern

First up is the easily portable and rechargeable, 195-lumen LED offering from the king of toast consistency—seriously, check out Balmuda The Toaster. Looks and function make this lantern an ideal piece of gear for a bonfire, a romantic dinner, or a car camping night out under the stars with your four-legged friend.


  • Lightweight (just under 1.5 pounds) and water resistant
  • Three different light modes, including a soft candle, amber warmth, and warm white
  • Light modes change subtly with the turn of a knob
  • Matte white, black, and gray color schemes go well in any setting
  • The light source hidden in the top of the fixture allows for a softer glow and won’t blind you
  • Battery life can last between three to 50 hours, depending on illumination setting

Get Balmuda The Lantern today for $149.

BioLite AlpenGlow

Featured in both 250 and 500 lumens, the BioLite AlpenGlow is a compact, portable, rechargeable light source featuring a surplus of settings that allow it to be tailored to any environment.


  • Eight light modes, including “Cool and Warm White,” “Candle Flicker,” “Multicolor,” and “Fireworks,” plus color palettes inspired by beautiful mountain sunrises and sunsets
  • Internal accelerometer allows you to go from one light mode to the next with just a shake of the wrist
  • Battery run time, between the two models, ranges from five to 200 hours, based on setting
  • Water resistant
  • USB port to charge or connect your phone or other products
  • Nesting hook makes hanging the lantern easy in any space

Get the 250-lumen AlpenGlow for $59.95 or the 500 edition for $79.95. A bundle including both versions is also available for $139.90.

Barebones Railroad Lantern

Rustic charm can be found in just about every Barebones product, and the Utah-based company’s take on the old Union Pacific lantern is no different. Seeded glass and copper accents give the Railroad Lantern an antique feel with all the modern practicalities. The Railroad Lantern’s light intensity ranges between 35 and 200 lumens, and it comes in four colors, including antique bronze, olive drab, slate gray, and vintage white.


  • Matted finish and antique accents add rustic or steampunk touches to any room
  • Metal construction for durability
  • Built-in charging system with USB cable
  • Battery run time ranges between 3.5 to 100 hours, depending on setting
  • Old-fashioned carry handle
  • LED Edison-style bulb can be easily adjusted for preferred brightness

Get your Barebones Railroad Lantern today for $85.

Black Diamond Moji Lantern

Not as glamorous (or as bright) as the other compact options on this list—100 lumens compared to the AlpenGlow’s 250 and 500 variants—Black Diamond’s waterproof Moji Lantern is nevertheless a reliable, budget-friendly, sleek option that can run on three AAA batteries for 13 to 70 hours, depending on light setting.


  • Dimming switch to adjust brightness
  • Frosted coating creates a soothing glow
  • Compact size makes it easy to use in any setting
  • Collapsible hooks allow you to clip it to bags, tents, trees, or hammocks
  • Magnetic backing allows for additional surface attachments
  • Automatic rainbow cycle color settings can be stopped on any preferred hue

Get the Black Diamond Moji today for just $14.95, or, for a rechargeable variant, try the reasonably priced ReMoji for $40.

Lander Boulder Rechargeable Lantern + Power Bank

Rounding out our list is this versatile contribution from another Utah-based outdoor company whose dip into the lantern market is off to a resounding success. Lander’s USB-chargeable lantern separates from the rest of the pack thanks to interactive smart features that are sure to impress in the living room, the backyard, or off the grid.


  • Control power, color, light-based alarms, dimming, strobes, and battery settings right from your phone by using the free Lander app
  • Proximity lighting option, when on, adjusts light intensity based on how close you are to the lantern
  • Lumens range from 2.5 to 300, with a maximum battery run time of 300 hours
  • Lantern can charge up to four devices, wirelessly and wired, at once
  • Waterproof and dust-proof
  • Adjustable top tether for easy hanging in any setting

Get the Lander Boulder Rechargeable Lantern today for $120.

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