The Idaho manufacturer makes car storage systems designed to maximize space and look good while doing so.

Decked Storage in an SUV
Courtesy of Decked
The Decked customizable storage makes camping easier than ever.
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It’s easy to get lost in van and truck conversion hysteria. Flawlessly executed models grace innumerable Instagram accounts showing the best van life and car camping has to offer. But what if, like most, you don’t have the time or, more importantly, the technical expertise to dive into a storage remodel worthy of a catapulting you into the realm of social media influencer?

Thankfully, there’s Decked, a Ketchum, Idaho-based manufacturer offering United States-made storage systems designed to maximize space and cleanliness—and look good while doing so.

The company first staked a claim in the conversion theater in 2013 when it cast aside the concept of crudely-constructed, homemade plywood storage systems and adopted environmentally-conscious engineering and sleek designs using recycled U.S. materials that are transformed into their finished state courtesy of the company’s factory in northwest Ohio.

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The culmination of that initiative is a continually growing series of easily-accessible weatherproof drawer systems supplemented by containers and dividersDecked also makes bags—perfect for stowing and organizing camping gear, tools, hardware, hunting and fishing supplies, and any road trip or overlanding accessories one might need to ensure everything goes off without a hitch the first time.

Each Decked accessory fits snugly into the aforementioned drawer systems, which come equipped with anti-theft locking systems, allowing users to customize their build-out to preferred specifications while keeping clean and organized. There’s also no sacrificing weight by installing one of Decked’s storage systems. Each set of drawers is built with a cover that can withstand a 2,000-pound payload, so piling on any and all gear—even, say, an ATV or snowmobile—can be done without giving it a second thought.

I can attest to quality of the Decked systems thanks to a recent stopover in Idaho, where the company’s stellar crew loaned me—a bold, trusting decision, to be sure—a decked-out (pun intended) Toyota Tundra for a few days of off-the-grid camping in the Pioneer Mountains. The system not only held every piece of gear I could ever fathom needing on a camping excursion, but even comfortably fit plenty of accessories I didn’t wind up using. Even something as routine as camp cooking was made infinitely easier thanks to a drawer that can be modified into a sink, stove, or cutting board.

These do-it-all products are made by a genuinely personable group of people eager to go the extra mile to customize a product that will work best for you and your vehicle. Systems are shipped free to your front door, meanwhile, and make for an easy DIY install without any drilling required.

Prices for Decked systems range between $1,150 and $1,500, depending on the make and model of the vehicle, and each comes with a three-year warranty.

To get organized, learn more about the Decked crew, browse the company’s list of products based on your exact vehicle, or simply reach out to a team member with any questions.

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