Year & Day’s new line will have a clean-refill program so you can use their candles again and again

Year & Day Moon Candle
Year & Day

Tableware maker Year & Day has a line of ceramic soy wax candles, with a refill program to make it easy to reuse their candles over and over again—and we’re here for it.

Year & Day is known for its minimalist entertaining wares, from dishware and serving pieces to glasses and flatware, with a color palette inspired by the California coastline. And now, the brand offers simple, ceramic candles to complement their tabletop pieces.

The candles, each retailing for $60, are designed to bring Year & Day’s signature colors—Daybreak, Fog, Moon and Midnight—to life through scent. Daybreak, a soft pink, has a wildflower and citrus aroma; Fog, unsurprisingly a gray hue, has an ocean mist fragrance; Moon, a soft white, features an herbal bouquet; and finally Midnight, their deep blue-black, is designed to smell like a nighttime campfire.

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Year & Day

Year & Day has also launched a clean refill program for customers to refill their ceramic vessels for just $40. The brand aims to be environmentally and socially responsible through this program, using ethically sourced materials and allowing their ceramic vessels to be enjoyed for years, instead of getting thrown away.

Infinite Soy Candle, $60
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