Capture the Danish art of coziness in your home with these simple steps

Warm Up Lighting
Thomas J. Story

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The Danish concept of hygge isn’t new, nor is its popularity, but as the season gets colder we can’t help but come back to it. In case you aren’t familiar, hygge is all about the quality of coziness and comfort that creates a feeling of contentment and well-being, a major part of the Danish culture.

While it’s not just for fall and winter (you can go hygge in the summer, too!), setting cozy, content vibes is a practice tailor-made for the cooler seasons of the year. Here are a few swaps and upgrades to make in your home to reach peak hygge this season.

Load Up on Soft Textures

Thomas J. Story

A great first step to creating a hygge home is to fill it with all things soft. Layer knit blankets on beds, drape faux fur throws over seating spaces, and swap pillowcase covers on beds and sofas. You can pull out the blankets and layers you had tucked away for warmer seasons, or maybe rearrange the ones you already own for a fresh feel. 

Our Pick: Nothing says hygge like faux white fur, and IKEA stocks everyone’s favorite (affordable!) option. 

RENS Sheepskin

Add Natural Accents 

Thomas J. Story

Hygge isn’t just about warm layers. A big part of the lifestyle is bringing natural materials indoors, instilling the content feeling one gets from being in nature into the home. Wooden and natural accents are hygge staples, as are pops of living foliage. Make sure to pick up greenery from the garden or your next visit to the farmers’ market. 

Our Pick: If there are any natural pieces you can expose or bring into your home, like this antler wreath, now’s the time to do it.  

Warm Up Lighting

Thomas J. Story

Overhead lighting is the opposite of hygge. The harsh lights add zero ambiance to a living space, so turn those off and opt for warm accent lighting instead. String lights are a big hygge favorite, and are easy to hang over beds, seating spaces, or along gallery walls. Alternatively, you can bunch battery-powered string lights into a glass hurricane or geometric terrarium for a stylish twist on a lamp. 

Another hygge lighting favorite is fire—adding a variety of candles to a room, or igniting the fireplace. Candles and fireplaces add a warm, natural choice of lighting, not to mention lovely smells. Always make sure you’re in the room where fires are lit. 

Our Pick: Not all homes are equipped with fireplaces, but lighting a candle is as easy as it gets to add a warming glow to your space. For a nod to nature, we love this earth-friendly soy candle for its forest-like scent.

Spruce Candle

Fill Your Cup

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Drinking something warm is your shortcut to hygge. Stay cozy with a hot mug of tea, cocoa, or mulled wine while enjoying an evening by the fire or surrounded by those mood-setting candles. Need an idea of what to drink? Check out some of Sunset’s favorite warm drinks

Our Pick: An oversized ceramic mug is the ideal vessel for your cuppa comfort, especially one with campfire vibes.

Ceramic Campfire Mug

Automate the Mood

Courtesy of Philips Hue

If you have smart gadgets in your home, setting the mood for a hygge evening is easier than ever. Trigger your smart bulbs to turn off, or even dim to a soft ambient level, to create the right lighting setup without walking from room to room adjusting or switching off lights. If you have a smart thermostat, set a temperature that will work well with your running fireplace. And, if you have smart speakers (or even portable speakers), program to fill your home with your favorite music for the ultimate dose of comfort.

Our Pick: An ambient smart light bulb paired with a frosted shade is your shortcut to adding soft, hygge-ready lighting to any room.