Dress up your dining table for Thanksgiving and fall gatherings with these three inspiring ideas.

Innovate from kitchen to table this Thanksgiving. Here, we show three fresh ways to outfit your dining table for fall. At the base of each tablescape look, we use a burlap table runner.

The first version is perfect for traditionalists. Start by placing a bed of magnolia tips on the table runner. Arrange kabocha and acorn squash around the magnolia tips. Place dried sheet moss in mercury glasses for a rustic yet elegant appearance. Add acorns and dried mini gourds to fill in holes. Tall candles complete the look.

Minimalists looking to cultivate an earthy feel should opt for the second tablescape idea. A sandblasted grape vine sets the tone, anchoring the other objects. Use silver dollar eucalyptus leaves to bring the vine to life. Add star pods and squash for diversity of shapes and textures. Place succulents in coconut shells and arrange around the leaves. Crystallize the tablescape with geodes, or add leaf skeletons or air plants for extra touches of green. Fill glass jars with hazelnuts and long, thin candles for the final touch. Substitute place cards for candle flags scattered throughout the array.

If you’re looking to brighten up your home décor as the days grow shorter, try the fresh tablescape look. This one’s also great if you have spare lemons, limes, or oranges in your kitchen. Start by dressing two plates with citrus and acorn squash. Adorn the table runner with silver dollar eucalyptus and potted baby’s breath. Next, place preserved boxwood bowls over the eucalyptus. If you have more citrus and acorn squash to spare, use them to decorate the sparser areas. Finally, light beeswax candles.

No matter which look you arranged, you and your guests will be sure to enjoy the ambience at your holiday table.