Bye, bye boring interiors.

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Thomas J. Story

As we enter the summer season, Pinterest’s latest trends report shows evidence for three emerging home decor ideas. Nancy Meyers core, dopamine decor, and eclectic vintage were all called out, with more specific search terms mentioned for each category. The throughline? People want their spaces to have a more personalized, nostalgic, and homey vibe.

Below, we break down these top searches and share a few shoppable items to level-up your interior design strategy.

Nancy Meyers Core

We’re all familiar with Nancy Meyers movies and the iconic, inspired homes featured in them. From Diane Keaton’s white and blue-accented, breezy beach house in Something’s Gotta Give to Kate Winslet’s rustic, cozy cottage in The Holiday, there are quite a few interpretations of “Nancy Meyers core.” The comfy, blissful, warm atmosphere these homes provide has led to timeless interior design ideas that are now on the rise. Popular search terms related to this topic include Nancy Meyers living room (+2090%), Nancy Meyers bedroom (+1505%), Nancy Meyers homes (+2055%), and Nancy Meyers kitchen (+620%).

Dopamine Decor

As the name suggests, dopamine decor is all about incorporating fabrics and colors that make you happy—and searches for the term are up by 280%. For Pinterest users, that includes grandma core bedroom (+2605%), whimsical decor (+4690%), fairycore bedroom (+420%), pastel desk (+8995%), pastel eclectic decor (+130%), and color drenching (+990%). Color drenching is all about bringing one hue into a room. This follows the color-saturated room trend, which welcomes earthy, deeper tones that amp up the coziness factor of your home.

Eclectic Vintage

All things vintage are in right now, and that may give way to more antique shopping or sourcing vintage-inspired home decor pieces. These were the related Pinterest terms shared in the report: vintage eclectic home (+1418%), tea sets vintage (+168%), vintage plates on wall (+119%), vintage dinnerware (+212%), and vintage Americana (+164%). We saw some signs of the vintage plates trend last year, as decorating with plate walls went viral on TikTok.

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