Etsy just released its 2024 trend guide.

Handmade Dinnerware Set by JaneandMery

Another season, another lineup of trends. So what will be the next “coastal grandmother” or “mermaidcore” or “tomato girl” trend? The team at Etsy recently released their first-ever Spring/Summer Trend Guide. They looked at customer shopping data across categories like home, style, gifts, and weddings to pinpoint the emerging trends that will be big in the coming months.

And from looking at the trends, it seems that pop culture moments are a big influence. “Today’s shoppers are pulling more and more inspiration from their favorite artists, movies, and TV shows, which we’re seeing directly impact their aesthetics and purchasing habits,” says Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson. “While pop culture moments move fast, so do Etsy sellers, so it comes as no surprise that many keep turning to Etsy to stay ahead of the curve.”

As for how to incorporate the new trends in your home or wardrobe, Dayna encourages shoppers to be intentional—which makes sense because trends can be fleeting! “Some helpful questions they can ask themselves include: ‘Does this trend align with my overall style?’ and ‘Does this item blend well with my existing decor?’ If their answer is yes, then it’s likely the piece of furniture or decor they introduce within their space will have staying power,” she explains. At the end of the day, I find that opting for high-quality, meaningful pieces—whether they lean more evergreen or more trendy—will be used and enjoyed for years to come.”

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Take a look at Etsy’s 2024 Spring/Summer Trend Predictions below.

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