This design technique can elevate any space.

Dark Gray Living Room by Lindye Galloway
Shade Degges

Just the other day, I was scrolling on Instagram and came across a 2024 trend alert. Interior designer Lindye Galloway of The Lindye Galloway Studio shared a photo of a “moody office” to spotlight the latest trend: color-saturated rooms. I had to know more, so I reached out to Galloway to discuss what to do (and what not to do) when adding more color to your walls. 

“In the design world, there has certainly been a shift from bright whites to earthy, deeper tones, with the saturated room approach taking it one step further,” Galloway says. “For the right rooms this brings the perfect blend of moodiness and coziness, a unique combination that people are really drawn to.”

Dark Living Room by Lindye Galloway
A textured, dark gray living room wall embraces coziness and moodiness.

Mike Van Tassell

In the moody office Galloway designed, she used a dark gray paint color called Pike Lake by Dunn-Edwards. Reflecting back on last year’s trends, we could have probably seen this one coming. In a June 2023 press release, Zillow reported that moodier colors—charcoal gray, in particular—were linked to higher home sale prices. The report mentioned kitchens and living rooms, but Galloway says this works almost anywhere in your home.  

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“What’s great about this trend is that it can work across the board, especially with offices, game rooms, wine rooms and bars, and bathrooms,” she says.

Modern Game Room by Lindye Galloway
A modern game room featuring color saturation in the bar area.

Mike Van Tassell

The never-ending list of color swatches available might feel a bit overwhelming, but Galloway recommends sticking with colors that have warm undertones. For her, she gravitates toward earthy tones, ranging from deep reds and greens to browns and dark blues. 

Determining the best color for a room is often the starting point for Galloway and her team. “The color chosen has everything to do with how successful the design of the room turns out,” she says. “We typically select our paint color and then use complementary and coordinating furniture tones to give the room depth against the saturated color. We also find that wood furniture keeps the natural and earthy feel and tends to complement the space nicely.”