The car brand just teamed up with paint company Backdrop on an epic collaboration.

Porsche Backdrop Paints
Ian Evan Lam

What if you could paint your walls the same color as your car? Porsche has teamed up with paint brand Backdrop to let you do just that. In honor of the 75th anniversary of Porsche, the collaboration features four heritage colors that you can paint your house with: Irish Green, Riviera Blue, Speed Yellow, and Ruby Star.

Much like you might spot a bold Porsche from a mile away, these paint colors are bold and really meant to make your space stand out. “Individualization is at the core of Porsche. Whether it’s a custom-built Taycan or your home office, we want to inspire all to dream in full color,” said Ayesha Coker, Vice President of Marketing of Porsche Cars North America in a press release. “Together with Backdrop, we’ve curated a series of bright, saturated colors that have significance to us and are sure to bring the beloved Porsche aesthetic to your home interior design.”

Porsche Backdrop Cans

Ian Evan Lam

And if you’re wondering what business Porsche has getting into the paint color world, when you learn about its design history it all becomes clear. The brand has always created cars in a variety of show stopping colors, and currently, Porsche offers a whopping 180 shades through its Paint to Sample program. And if a car buyer doesn’t find their perfect hue in that inventory, they have the option to create a bespoke color through Porsche’s Paint to Sample Plus program.

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The paint comes in a collectible can and retails for $75 a gallon. Take a look at the official color descriptions below and see more at

Ian Evan Lam

Irish Green: First seen in 1964 on a 356C sports car, the dark hunter green shade is also one of the first colors to grace the Porsche 911. It’s a color as timeless as the sports car itself.

Speed Yellow: This vibrant yellow first appeared on the Porsche 911 in 1991. Not for the shy or Sunday driver, the color is distinctly tied to the sports car and the Porsche brand.

Ruby Star: Dating back to 1991 and seen on Porsche 911, 928, and 944 models over the years, Ruby Star is  a deep magenta red that is distinct, bold, and joyous.

Riviera Blue: An electric bright blue, the head-turning and audacious color was developed in 1994 and has been seen on the 911, 928, and 968 models.