Is this the future of camping?

Airstream Porsche Trailer

You’ve probably seen some decked-out Airstreams, but we guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this. Two iconic brands, Airstream and Studio F. A. Porsche (the design house connected to the famous car maker), have teamed up to create a concept travel trailer that’s now being showcased at this year’s South by Southwest conference and festivals.

Airstream Porsche Awning


Porsche designers in Austria and Los Angeles collaborated with Airstream designers and engineers in Jackson Center, Ohio, to create a futuristic travel trailer that features a new take on Airstream’s riveted aluminum look. The team also took into account the changing demographics in the RV market—so they added a pop-up roof for more headroom and lowered the suspension so it can fit into standard residential garages. Ducted air conditioning is located above the trailer’s floor, while hot water and heating components, a spare wheel, holding tanks, and the lithium battery are located in a 10-inch-deep space below the floor. There are also solar panels on the roof. Additionally, the team redesigned the rear hatch feature, which includes a hinge-up hatch and drop-down tailgate. You can attach awnings to the hatch to create a shady seating area.

Airstream Porsche Travel Trailer


The concept was designed to optimize aerodynamic performance—and in fact, those improvements were validated by a third-party aerodynamic research firm. The trailer has a low-ride height (because of the aforementioned lowered suspension and pop-up roof), fewer rooftop protrusions, a smaller frontal area, and a lighter weight due to its materials. All of this means that it’s easier for electric vehicles to tow.

Airstream Porsche Sleeping Area


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“Like earlier concept vehicles, the Airstream Studio F. A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer builds on Airstream’s design DNA and our commitment to aerodynamics to create a vision that is both familiar and excitingly new,” Airstream President and CEO Bob Wheeler said in a press release. “While our concept projects don’t always reach the marketplace, the resulting lessons and innovations often influence present and future designs as they make their way into our main product lines.” 

Airstream Porsche Seating Area


Inside, the trailer has a sleek design with plenty of windows and skylights. The floor plan has a seating area that converts from dinette seating to an 82” x 61” sleeping area. There’s a wet bath with a door for privacy, plus a hinge-up counter to expand the counter space in the galley.

While this is just a concept and there are currently no plans to put the trailer out in the market, it’s still fun to see what the future of RV travel can look like.

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