New neutrals, shades of blue, moody hues, and more.

Behr Cracked Pepper Seating Area
Courtesy of Behr

It’s that time where we’re looking ahead to see what’s in store, trend-wise, for 2024. And on the design front, many paint brands have already made their predictions. Like Pantone’s Color of the Year, the color picks by paint brands can give us a clue as to not only what will be gracing people’s walls in the new year, but also what trending hues we might see in furniture, textiles, and accessories.

For 2024, expect to see a lot of blue, from an ethereal blue-violet to a serene and steely blue to a bright and breezy shade. There’s also some deep, dark hues to create cozy rooms. And there’s plenty of “new” neutrals to consider and possibly give gray a run for its money. See all the paint colors for yourself below.