It can completely transform a room.

Ceiling Wallpaper
Left: Val Bauer; Right: Ryan Garvin

The latest interior design trend has us looking up to the sky—er, ceiling. Interior designers are taking things to new heights with ceiling wallpaper that prioritizes bold colors and fun patterns. One of ceiling wallpaper’s biggest proponents is Ashley Clark of Skout Interior Design

By thoughtfully blending color and patterns, you can completely transform any room in your home with a roll of wallpaper. These are a few considerations for those looking to adopt this trend in their own homes, according to Clark:

Ceiling Wallpaper Living Room

Val Bauer

1. Get Creative

There’s basically no limit when it comes to choosing the best ceiling wallpaper, but of course, an eye-catching pattern will guarantee the “wow” factor. “I think anything goes!” Clark says. “Florals, stripes, plaid—we love it all.”

2. Add Contrast to a Gallery Wall

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The main concern with ceiling wallpaper is that it can compete with the walls and look too busy. When Clark is creating a unique gallery wall, for instance, she recommends painting the walls white to let the art serve as the focal point. 

“Adding wallpaper to the ceiling is a bit more interesting and directs the eye up!” she says. “It is a fun and unexpected way to add some color, texture, or pattern and still leaves walls empty for art and other collections.”

Bathroom Ceiling Wallpaper

Val Bauer

3. Keep the Walls Simple—or Don’t

“When walls are white, it really allows the ceiling to stand out,” Clark says. That being said, you can also combine two completely different wallpapers, or even extend the wallpaper all over the room by covering both the walls and ceiling. 

4. Grab a Ladder (and Maybe a Theragun)

If you’re comfortable with installing wallpaper on your walls, you can use those same methods for the ceiling—with a slight tweak. “Ceiling wallpaper is not installed differently than how you would install it on the walls,” Clark says. “You just need a good ladder and maybe a neck massage once complete.”

Ready to get started? Go forward with these tips and pretend like you’re Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel!