Upgrade your Sunday night routine with these leftover-friendly recipes and chic lunch containers

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Urban Outfitters

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Che Fico Chili
Thomas J. Story

Cook Once and Eat All Week

Feeding oneself can be both a pleasure and a pain. I love to cook, but there are times, especially during the week, when it feels more like a chore. Don’t get me started on weekday lunch, when hunger takes the reigns and $15 salads start becoming routine. The best way to beat it: Meal Prep. Taking an hour or two on a Sunday to boil eggs, wash greens, roast veggies, and whiz up a vinaigrette or two in the blender will deliver on your weekday happiness in spades. Cooking big batches of leftover-friendly meals is another way to ensure reliably delicious dining all week long. I tend to go for items that get better with age, like carnitas, roast chicken, or veggie chili. I recommend this recipe by SF chef David Nayfeld of Che Fico, who goes the extra mile to build flavor with dark chocolate, brown sugar, and tons of warm spices. Portion it out in beautiful containers (like Maya does, below), and you’ll be winning at lunch every single day.

—Ellen Fort, food editor

Maya’s Corner

Urban Outfitters Large Glass To-Go Container
Urban Outfitters

The Lunch Container That Actually Gets Me Excited to Meal Prep

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Like many people who want to organize their life a bit more in the new year, I am a meal prep participant. A participant with a new exciting reason to spend my Sunday night roasting veggies in bulk: this glass floral to-go container. It’s one of those small things—like your favorite non-stick pan or trusty wooden spoon—that makes cooking a lot more enjoyable. Released as a part of Urban Outfitters’ new kitchen collection, the thick glass container is large enough to fit enough food to keep you full and satisfied all afternoon and it’s microwave and oven safe. Plus, the base is split into two sections so your pita does not disturb your dip during any morning transportation. Here are four dishes I’m already planning to meal prep in my shiny, new botanical-themed lunch box:

Large Graphic Glass To-Go Container, $18

—Maya Wong, assistant editor

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