From CBD-infused sparkling water to herbal tonics, the world of non-alcoholic beverages has become extremely sophisticated

Skip the Booze and Try One of These Fancy Beverages Instead

There’s a growing interest in imbibing less — or at least having more, better non-alcoholic options — in today’s generation of social drinkers. From amaro-inspired sodas that riff on the flavor profiles of negronis to simply uplifting sparkling tonics with ayurvedic ingredients, there’s a beverage with more to offer than your typical club soda and lime out there. Some are even infused with CBD, the hemp-derived, non-psychedelic relative of cannabis.

Whether you’re abstaining from alcohol or simply looking for alternative beverages, these non-alcoholic drinks are great alternatives to a cocktail or beer. Want a little of both? Try these low-ABV options.

Casamara Club

Casamara Club is is a line of bottled amaro bitters and soda. It’s non-alcoholic, low-sugar, and comes in four different flavors, each of which channels a classic, amaro-based beverage: Alta is like a spritzy, non-alcoholic negroni, Onda is an herbal imonata, Capo channels an Alpine amaro flavor profile, and Sera brings the Aperol spritz vibes.



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Minna offers a no-calorie sparkling tea with tons of fizz. It’s light on caffeine and comes in flavors like Lime Hibiscus and Citrus Black Tea. It’s more like a sparkling water than the heavily sweetened bottles of tea we’ve been drinking for years (see ya later, Snapple lady), making it easy to drink on its own, with food, or as an afternoon pick-me-up that won’t keep you up all night. And, the company is donating one percent of its sales to non-profits advocating for inclusion, so you can drink up and feel good about it.


Olipop nourishes your microbiome (aka your gut) with high-fiber pro-biotic ingredients like kudzu root and slippery elm bark. Each can of Oakland-based Olipop has a range of eight different plant-based ingredients that benefit digestive health and 9 grams of dietary fiber. The flavors — Ginger Lemon, Strawberry Vanilla, cherry Vanilla, and Root Beer — make skipping both soda and alcoholic beverages easy.

Present CBD-Infused Sparkling Water

Present delivers a pleasant, CBD-fueled sense of well-being. Produced in Northern Colorado, the 16-ounce cans of sparkling wellness beverage are a collaboration between WAAYB Organics, a company that produces organic CBD products from hemp, and Left Hand Brewing, a quirky craft brewery. Drink a pint of Present instead of a spirited beverage (or, ironically, a beer) and feel like a million bucks the next morning.

Dram Adaptogenic CBD Sparkling Water

Dram offers non-drinkers a different way to relax, combining CBD with adaptogenic sparkling water for an uplifting alternative to alcohol. Each flavor contains different adaptogens to target various concerns, from stress management to strengthening hair and nails. Choose from Gingergrass, Lemongrass, and Beauty Bubbles.


Sunwink is an herbal tonic that’s all-natural and organic, with no flavor additives or refined sugars. Each of the four flavors — Immunity Berry, Lemon Rose Uplift, Detox Ginger, and Turmeric Cleanse — is chock full of herbs like dandelion root and turmeric. The female-founded company is based in San Francisco, with an emphasis on giving back: two percent of revenue from Sunwink sales goes back to the Sunwink Mothers Fund, which supports female-focused organizations around the world.

Kin Euphorics

Kin Euphorics is a new kind of non-alcoholic spirit for the happiest of hours. It’s made with adaptogens such as Rhodiola and nootropics GABA, plus caffeine to give you a buzz, without alcohol. Each drink comes handy with a recipe book featuring drinks like Kin and Tonic and Kin Mule, so you can mix up some of your favorite traditional cocktails.