With latkes, babkas, briskets, and more, serving a full Hanukkah spread has never been easier.

Hanukkah Just Got Easier with to-Go Meals from Wise Sons Delicatessen
Wise Sons

This year for Hanukkah, treat yourself to a traditional dinner made up of classic Jewish dishes like latkes, brisket, and babka without dirtying up every dish in your kitchen. Popular California delicatessen Wise Sons is offering nationwide shipping on a variety of its most popular holiday offerings.

“The holidays are a time where people really want the classics and basics,” says Evan Bloom, founder of Wise Sons. “Many of the Jewish holidays have nostalgia and memory in each dish so if you’re not cooking it’s nice to have a connection to the food being offered.”

wise sons latke kit
The pastrami and cheese sides served with a six-pack of Wise Sons latkes.

Wise Sons

One of the memory-filled dishes Bloom alludes to is the humble potato latke. While they aren’t difficult to make, Bloom agrees that they can be a bit of a mess and hassle to make at home. “We sell them more than anything else on the menu,” he says.

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The different latke kits from Wise Sons come with sour cream and applesauce. You can also add pastrami, cheese, and onions, or smoked salmon to ensure your latke setup (or latke bar, as they refer to it) is full of endless topping options. 

Southern California catering offering of latkes, seasonal salad, and sous vide chicken.

Wise Sons

As far as main courses go, dinner couldn’t be easier to get on the table with entrées that will free up hours of your day by eliminating the need to braise or bake pounds of meat. “In Los Angeles, we are offering precooked sous vide chicken that comes with a pomegranate glaze,” Bloom says.

Wise Sons has a location in Culver City, which will act as a pick-up location for pre-ordered holiday dinners in Southern California. There are shops in San Francisco, and a pick-up point at Beauty’s Bagels in Oakland. You can also stop in for any general noshing needs. “People in Culver City were ready for this type of food,” Bloom says. “The quality of ingredients we’re using and offering is really high, so we’ve had a great response.” The chicken comes fully cooked and just requires a quick pop in the oven to get the skin crispy. The pomegranate glaze makes for a sweet sauce that will taste great drizzled on latkes and salads. 

Wise Sons brisket and latke Hanukkah kit with homemade applesauce, sour cream, and chocolate babka.

Wise Sons

For those located outside of Los Angeles, the Wise Sons team has the ultimate classic holiday dish for your centerpiece, offering an entire brisket served with gravy and latkes. The team is also offering matzo ball soup, chopped liver, and all the other classic sides as well.

wise sons bagel and bialy kit
The bagel and bialy brunch kit from Wise Sons, available year-round.

Wise Sons

The full catering and online ordering menu can be viewed here. The Hanukkah catering menu is available from Dec. 8 through Dec. 24; order a minimum of two days before.

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