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What’s your holiday food tradition?
Sunset Artichoke Nibbles (Peden & Munk)

Sunset Artichoke Nibbles (Peden & Munk)

We asked our Sunset recipe testers to tell us about the Christmas recipes and Hannukah recipes they have to bring out every year for family gatherings. What’s your holiday food tradition?

“While we open presents on Christmas afternoon, we eat Artichoke Nibbles, the old Sunset recipe my mom has been making since the ’70s. Always a winner!”—Lenore Grant

“Little meatballs with a cranberry, currant jelly, and wine sauce, to go with latkes at Hanukkah. Kind of retro, but there was never ever a party on my husband’s side without them.”—Sarah Epstein

“My husband Russ’s cioppino on Christmas Eve.”—Marlene Kawahata

“Sauerkraut, in honor of my German grandmother.”—Maryanne Welton

“My Serbian mom’s burek—filo dough layered with a cottage cheese, cream cheese, and egg filling.”—Melissa Kaiser

“Turkey curry with inventive condiments—one for each of the ceramic dishes on my mom’s lazy Susan.”—Rebecca Parker



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