People watching Beehive Geyser erupt with Lion Geyser in Yellowstone off Highway 89
NPS / Jacob W. Frank
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Most people tend to obey common sense rules plastered all over Yellowstone National Park. Don’t try to cook dinner in the park’s hydrothermal springs. Don’t get too close to an easily-frazzled, horned animal that weighs in around 2,000 pounds. Don’t put a bison calf in your car because you think that it, a wild animal with thick fur, is cold.

Simple enough, right? And yet, each year new stories emerge about an astonishing few, who, while visiting America’s first national park, stroll within goring range of bison—inevitably for a selfie—or venture away from designated boardwalks adjacent to the park’s storied hot springs.

Now, thanks to the folks who run the We’re in the Rockies YouTube channel, you can enjoy a neatly compiled list of the 10 most boneheaded rule violations in recent memory.

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“We think ‘a Yellowstone visitor’ is right up there with ‘Florida Man,'” the hosts say in the video, referencing the seemingly infinite supply of off-the-wall, oftentimes drug-fueled news that emerges from the Sunshine State.

“None of these are meant to really be vicious and make fun of people necessarily,” they continue, adding that no items on the “Stupid Yellowstone Behavior: Top 10” roundup consists of anything overly gruesome. “It’s just general human knuckleheaded behavior that we all happen to participate in from time to time.”

With a long weekend expected to elicit a soaring number of national park visits, let’s make sure none of us are adding to lists like this. So, without further ado, here are your top-10 stupid Yellowstone National Park moments. What better way to start a holiday weekend than by sharing a laugh (and learning a valuable lesson)? Enjoy!